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March 30, 2012

When I sat down to write about Oliver and Amy one word kept coming to mind: Sweet. While it’s true that they are sweet it really didn’t capture everything I wanted to say. I’ve spent a few days mulling it over (yes, this is what I do in my spare time) and if I had to ascribe one word to Oliver and Amy it would be welcoming. From the very first Skype conversation, we felt immediately at ease with them. It’s an odd feeling because normally part of what we do is put people at ease so we can draw them out.


This welcoming theme was evident throughout their wedding. They went out of their way to ensure the people they care about were comfortable and having a good time. That’s evident in their portfolio and I won’t be surprised if you feel like a part of the group when you hit the bottom of this post.





March 14, 2012
Sorry we’ve been MIA but if you hadn’t heard Hawes Photography had to find a new home. We’re getting settled in but it’s meant a little more work outside of shooting then we had planned. The whole story and photos will come soon.
I’m not sure what we were expecting when we headed to Arshia and Mikaeya’s wedding. However, I am sure their description of a “tent in Arshia’s parent’s side yard” did not prepare us for the luxe event we walked into. The side yard was indeed covered with a tent that could hold around 400 people… and covered the massive pergola that served as the stage for the ceremony and seating for the head tables. The guests enjoyed an ice bar and cocktail hour in the courtyard followed by massive skewers of meat served tableside for dinner. The entertainment was also over the top, including an awesome jazz singer, a mariachi band and a DJ that spun music in the main tent and later above the indoor pool that was covered by a (second) lighted dance floor. Really, the only thing we were prepared for was spending time with the warm and laid back couple, but I guess that’s all we really need on a wedding day.
Psst! If you missed the 3D images from their wedding click here!




February 14, 2012

Even though we moved to St. Louis we spent a good portion of our fall shooting in Kansas City. There was something nice and familiar about heading back to KC each weekend. That feeling of familiarity was even stronger when we made the drive in for Manuel and Caitlin’s  (friends turned clients) wedding. Their day was simple and sweet, which fit them to a tee, and we had a great time exploring a new pocket of downtown with them.



My friend Stacey even tagged along to shoot film & Polaroids.

February 7, 2012

Let’s just get this out of the way. The groom is an international male model. Go ahead, scroll down, see for yourself and then come back. I’ll wait.


Ok, now that we’ve covered that point, I have to tell you that’s it’s not the most interesting part of this wedding. As always, there’s so much more to a couple and a wedding day than just a (ridiculously cool) profession. What struck me most about Bas and Courtney’s day was how they brought an effervescent coolness to Kansas City. It was fueled in equal parts by Bas’ super friendly Dutch family and the couple’s troupe of NYC friends who made the journey to celebrate with them. Case in point: One of Courtney’s bridesmaids is a fashion designer who crafted her gown and all the bridesmaids dresses.


January 25, 2012

A hallmark trait of our couples is that they are cool under pressure and adopt a “go with the flow” mentality. Danielle and Brycen fit that description to a tee. Most couples faced with a last minute venue and catering change would be on the verge of a meltdown by the time the wedding day hits. Instead, Danielle and Brycen kept their eyes on what was important on their big day: being surrounded by family and a host of international friends… and climbing into an abandoned castle at the request of their photographers. It’s safe say they were meant to be our clients.


January 6, 2012

(If I could include some sort of cheesy build up music before this text I would, because saying “3D is now on the blog” seems underwhelming without it. So make your own soundtrack of excitement and get ready to be blown away.)

Until now we’ve only been able to share our 3D work in person. Through the magic of Photoshop and Aaron, we’re bringing 3D images right to your home through this blog. There’s only one problem. You need the funky red/blue glasses to really appreciate the pictures. If you have a pair laying around, pop them on and tell anyone close by to look out because your head may actually explode from the sheer visual awesome that’s about to invade. If you don’t have a pair, hop over to our web site, fill out our contact form and tell us that you desperately need a pair of glasses. We’ll send them your way as long as you promise to share with others who will also appreciate the work.