August 28, 2014

I don’t cry at most weddings. I’m usually busy thinking about the photos I’m taking rather than living in the moment. Jeremy and Katie got me though. Their vows captured everything we (and everyone else at their wedding) have come to love about them. They were unique (Jeremy even copyrighted them), humorous and tender, and they spoke to the mutual partnership that Jeremy and Katie intend for their marriage. They definitely had me and most of the audience reaching for a tissue.


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August 25, 2014

I’m a firm believer that at least one thing goes wrong at each wedding. Most of our couples can roll with the punches of any wedding day and thankfully Brent and Megan were no exception. When their transportation company left them stranded, stealing nearly half of our shooting time, there were no tears, no rage. We adjusted the plan and grabbed them during their cocktail hour to finish off their portraits. In the end, the gorgeous late afternoon light totally made up for the lost time earlier in the day. So maybe instead of saying “the thing that went wrong” I should really start saying “the thing that didn’t go according to the original plan.”


0001McCauleyWed 0002McCauleyWed 0010McCauleyWed 0024McCauleyWed 0034McCauleyWed 0042McCauleyWed 0050McCauleyWed 0066McCauleyWed 0086McCauleyWed 0103McCauleyWed 0106McCauleyWed 0121McCauleyWed 0130McCauleyWed 0131McCauleyWed 0143McCauleyWed 0158McCauleyWed 0194McCauleyWed 0195McCauleyWed 0212McCauleyWed 0244McCauleyWed 0247McCauleyWed 0259McCauleyWed 0264McCauleyWed 0279McCauleyWed 0286McCauleyWed 0291McCauleyWed 0301McCauleyWed 0304McCauleyWed 0311McCauleyWed 0320McCauleyWed 0328McCauleyWed 0340McCauleyWed 0362McCauleyWed 0396McCauleyWed 0408McCauleyWed 0426McCauleyWed 0498McCauleyWed 0504McCauleyWed 0506McCauleyWed 0511McCauleyWed 0515McCauleyWed 0520McCauleyWed 0522McCauleyWed 0523McCauleyWed 0526McCauleyWed 0528McCauleyWed 0535McCauleyWed 0543McCauleyWed 0547McCauleyWed 0551McCauleyWed 0574McCauleyWed 0587McCauleyWed 0600McCauleyWed 0605McCauleyWed 0611McCauleyWed 0656McCauleyWed 0670McCauleyWed 0675McCauleyWed 0682McCauleyWed 0686McCauleyWed 0695McCauleyWed 0701McCauleyWed 0707McCauleyWed 0713McCauleyWed 0717McCauleyWed

August 21, 2014

One of the best things about destination shooting is that we get instant inspiration from the new surroundings. Matt and Tina’s e-session in Chicago was no exception. The huge city offered up a wealth of spots to shoot. I think we covered some of the best: a gorgeous, dark alley; shooting on the street, cuddling on an El platform and quick (and cold) jaunt out to the planetarium for some windy city views.


0001TaubeEng 0011TaubeEng 0014TaubeEng 0026TaubeEng 0032TaubeEng 0039TaubeEng 0044TaubeEng 0047TaubeEng 0051TaubeEng 0057TaubeEng 0064TaubeEng 0067TaubeEng 0081TaubeEng 0083TaubeEng 0086TaubeEng 0090TaubeEng 0093TaubeEng 0098TaubeEng 0102TaubeEng 0105TaubeEng 0109TaubeEng 0113TaubeEng


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August 18, 2014

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August 12, 2014

I love Brandon and Anne’s day because it was exactly what they wanted: an intimate ceremony, gorgeous pictures and a tasty meal to cap off the celebration. It’s the kind of wedding that truly makes us feel like one of the family. We were one of only a few dozen people that got to admire their gorgeous South City bungalow bedecked with gobs of tissue paper flowers before we stole them away for ice cream and some sweet pictures. Don’t worry, we returned them for a casual dinner at Square One Brewery, where once again we were welcomed to the family table for a bite and some cake.


0001SheaWed 0004SheaWed 0008SheaWed 0013SheaWed 0014SheaWed 0021SheaWed 0022SheaWed 0026SheaWed 0029SheaWed 0039SheaWed 0043SheaWed 0051SheaWed 0053SheaWed 0073SheaWed 0076SheaWed 0085SheaWed 0094SheaWed 0095SheaWed 0102SheaWed 0107SheaWed 0114SheaWed 0121SheaWed 0130SheaWed 0144SheaWed 0149SheaWed 0151SheaWed 0168SheaWed 0175SheaWed 0181SheaWed 0188SheaWed 0192SheaWed 0223SheaWed 0238SheaWed 0243SheaWed 0247SheaWed 0307SheaWed 0310SheaWed 0324SheaWed 0331SheaWed 0339SheaWed 0345SheaWed 0346SheaWed 0356SheaWed 0367SheaWed 0377SheaWed 0378SheaWed 0381SheaWed 0398SheaWed 0403SheaWed 0407SheaWed 0433SheaWed 0446SheaWed


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July 18, 2014

One of the best things about St Louis is that each neighborhood has a distinct personality. Jason and Nicki asked to shoot in the The Grove, which perfectly lined up with their personal vibe. We had a great time re-discovering some sweet pockets on this cool street.


0001SwierkEng 0003SwierkEng 0012SwierkEng 0013SwierkEng 0029SwierkEng 0030SwierkEng 0037SwierkEng 0038SwierkEng 0053SwierkEng 0062SwierkEng 0063SwierkEng 0073SwierkEng 0080SwierkEng 0083SwierkEng 0084SwierkEng 0088SwierkEng 0089SwierkEng 0092SwierkEng 0097SwierkEng 0108SwierkEng