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June 4, 2014

Fall weddings are always some of our favorites. The weather is gorgeous, sunset is early and the fall colors offer up a fantastic backdrop. For Matt and Alicia’s wedding we took advantage of all three by taking their wedding party up to the confluence. The park closes rather early in the season to allow for bird hunting, but there are a few sections that are always accessible. It was the perfect spot to tromp through the fields and create some gorgeous images.


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April 29, 2014

One of the thing I love about our couples is that they don’t focus on the problems that inevitably arise on a wedding day. Brittney and Tim were no exception. Tim woke up sick the day of the wedding, but Brittney’s bubbly attitude made it easy for him to power through. Based on the way he beamed at her through the whole day you would never know he wasn’t feeling well.


0001WalshWed 0005WalshWed 0007WalshWed 0008WalshWed 0011WalshWed 0016WalshWed 0041WalshWed 0049WalshWed 0052WalshWed 0062WalshWed 0070WalshWed 0084WalshWed 0094WalshWed 0101WalshWed 0109WalshWed 0112WalshWed 0118WalshWed 0124WalshWed 0130WalshWed 0135WalshWed 0143WalshWed 0157WalshWed 0160WalshWed 0191WalshWed 0192WalshWed 0194WalshWed 0195WalshWed 0199WalshWed 0221WalshWed 0236WalshWed 0243WalshWed 0246WalshWed 0256WalshWed 0258WalshWed 0346WalshWed 0351WalshWed 0383WalshWed 0397WalshWed 0398WalshWed 0408WalshWed 0428WalshWed 0443WalshWed 0445WalshWed 0455WalshWed 0460WalshWed 0463WalshWed 0496WalshWed 0503WalshWed 0522WalshWed 0560WalshWed 0561WalshWed 0580WalshWed 0594WalshWed 0603WalshWed 0614WalshWed 0620WalshWed


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March 31, 2014

Marc and Sady have a deep love for vintage things. They’ve spent the past few years rehabing a charming farmhouse in Columbia, Mo. They brought that love of antiques and pastoral landscapes to their beautiful wedding at Three Barn Farm in Clarksville, Mo (just north of St Louis). The setting was the perfect backdrop for their homespun touches (many of which Marc actually created): simple programs with acorn details; candy apple favors; rustic, prairie style flower arrangements; seating cards adorned with antique keys; mismatched dishes and napkins; and buckets of drinks. Marc and Sady fit right in, opting for a suspenders and bow tie combo (him) and bohemian inspired dress with cowboy boots (her). Before heading to the farm for the ceremony and celebration, they opted for a small chapel wedding to satisfy their families’ wishes for a church union


0003StrandWed 0010StrandWed 0016StrandWed 0023StrandWed 0032StrandWed 0036StrandWed 0044StrandWed 0062StrandWed 0082StrandWed 0093StrandWed 0209StrandWed 0215StrandWed 0223StrandWed 0235StrandWed 0242StrandWed 0248StrandWed 0250StrandWed 0264StrandWed 0266StrandWed 0267StrandWed 0277StrandWed 0280StrandWed 0281StrandWed 0289StrandWed 0305StrandWed 0307StrandWed 0325StrandWed 0327StrandWed 0336StrandWed 0346StrandWed 0349StrandWed 0371StrandWed 0374StrandWed 0379StrandWed 0382StrandWed 0394StrandWed 0425StrandWed 0426StrandWed 0435StrandWed 0484StrandWed 0493StrandWed 0495StrandWed 0519StrandWed 0521StrandWed 0532StrandWed 0538StrandWed 0553StrandWed 0564StrandWed 0572StrandWed 0573StrandWed 0582StrandWed 0594StrandWed 0619StrandWed

Just Aaron today.

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March 27, 2014

Liz and Lute are the kind of super chill couple that doesn’t necessarily want to be in the spotlight. They don’t want anyone to make a fuss over them. For their wedding day, that translated into a short and sweet outdoor ceremony, whisking them away for portraits around Kuh’s Farm and Estate, and a gorgeous reception that made everyone feel like family. Their personalities and interests were evident in the details. Liz put together an expertly styled event, from the bridesmaids’ attire to the sweet, rustic touches at the reception. Lute’s culinary prowess (he’s a chef) was evident at the party. The reception featured a sushi bar, upscale pizza bites (of which I ate more than my share) and a buffet of “everything you can’t eat when you’re trying to fit into a wedding dress,” which translated into delicious high-end comfort food.


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January 16, 2014

After Jeremy and Rachel’s wedding day, she asked me, “Have you ever seen any couple cry that much on their wedding day.” Truth be told, we haven’t. There was major waterworks at their ceremony – tears from Rachel as she watched her friends process down the aisle, tears from Jeremy as he watched his bride come into the sanctuary, tears from… well, everyone as they said their vows and friends placed letters in a box – a keepsake for a milestone anniversary. Yes, there were lots of tears, but there were other expressions of joy: a boisterous chapel filled with upbeat and untraditional pre-ceremony music, cheering at the end of the ceremony, heartfelt toasts at the reception and lots (and lots) of dancing.


0004MappWed 0005MappWed 0007MappWed 0013MappWed 0023MappWed 0036MappWed 0040MappWed 0051MappWed 0071MappWed 0078MappWed 0080MappWed 0085MappWed 0097MappWed 0105MappWed 0112MappWed 0118MappWed 0121MappWed 0127MappWed 0138MappWed 0142MappWed0170MappWed 0181MappWed 0182MappWed 0193MappWed 0226MappWed 0255MappWed 0258MappWed 0267MappWed 0279MappWed 0281MappWed 0298MappWed 0300MappWed 0306MappWed 0311MappWed 0325MappWed 0327MappWed 0338MappWed 0351MappWed 0355MappWed 0382MappWed0404MappWed 0434MappWed 0448MappWed 0457MappWed 0463MappWed 0467MappWed 0473MappWed 0479MappWed 0502MappWed 0508MappWed 0549MappWed 0561MappWed0566MappWed0568MappWed0578MappWed 0593MappWed 0603MappWed 0610MappWed 0613MappWed 0674MappWed0680MappWed 0715MappWed 0719MappWed 0722MappWed 0725MappWed 0736MappWed 0738MappWed 0745MappWed 0749MappWed 0766MappWed

January 3, 2014

It’s hard to choose a favorite part of Nahuel and Natalie’s stunning wedding day. The Farm outside of Springfield, Il, served at the perfect backdrop for their bohemian inspired event. They took full advantage of the backdrop, treating guests to cocktails in the garden before and after the ceremony, assembling a beautiful alter for their outdoor ceremony and serving an open air dinner beside the barn. We also took full advantage of the grounds, wandering from the cornfields to the garden and back to the horse pens. Throughout the couple added gorgeous touches: signature cocktails in mason jars, fans that double as programs with English on one side and Spanish on the other (a nod to Nahuel’s roots and international guests) and gobs and gobs of roses, candles and candelabras. Even the bridesmaids looked perfectly the part in matching off-white dressed, mixed gold jewelry and flower crowns.

0003RodriguezWed 0005RodriguezWed 0018RodriguezWed 0019RodriguezWed 0021RodriguezWed 0032RodriguezWed 0046RodriguezWed 0055RodriguezWed 0058RodriguezWed 0084RodriguezWed 0090RodriguezWed 0108RodriguezWed0109RodriguezWed 0117RodriguezWed 0131RodriguezWed 0136RodriguezWed 0156RodriguezWed 0162RodriguezWed 0173RodriguezWed 0185RodriguezWed 0199RodriguezWed 0205RodriguezWed 0217RodriguezWed 0230RodriguezWed0236RodriguezWed 0239RodriguezWed 0245RodriguezWed 0250RodriguezWed 0252RodriguezWed 0257RodriguezWed 0259RodriguezWed 0263RodriguezWed 0280RodriguezWed 0292RodriguezWed 0303RodriguezWed 0306RodriguezWed0316RodriguezWed 0320RodriguezWed 0322RodriguezWed 0326RodriguezWed 0336RodriguezWed 0339RodriguezWed 0343RodriguezWed 0350RodriguezWed 0353RodriguezWed 0361RodriguezWed 0362RodriguezWed 0382RodriguezWed 0390RodriguezWed 0393RodriguezWed 0403RodriguezWed0405RodriguezWed0408RodriguezWed 0418RodriguezWed 0442RodriguezWed 0443RodriguezWed 0451RodriguezWed 0487RodriguezWed 0506RodriguezWed 0517RodriguezWed 0532RodriguezWed 0538RodriguezWed 0555RodriguezWed 0616RodriguezWed0628RodriguezWed 0635RodriguezWed 0637RodriguezWed 0642RodriguezWed 0646RodriguezWed 0659RodriguezWed 0664RodriguezWed 0670RodriguezWed 0679RodriguezWed 0682RodriguezWed 0697RodriguezWed 0712RodriguezWed0724RodriguezWed 0737RodriguezWed 0743RodriguezWed 0780RodriguezWed 0809RodriguezWed 0811RodriguezWed 0813RodriguezWed 0816RodriguezWed 0817RodriguezWed 0818RodriguezWed 0831RodriguezWed0833RodriguezWed 0835RodriguezWed 0845RodriguezWed 0850RodriguezWed 0866RodriguezWed 0870RodriguezWed 0880RodriguezWed 0889RodriguezWed 0899RodriguezWed 0901RodriguezWed 0906RodriguezWed 0910RodriguezWed