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June 14, 2010


Some fun Polaroids shot on a Spectra SI



….and behind the scenes


March 31, 2010

Seeing as we were in such a beautiful location, we had to do a day after session with Jason and Andrea. We got some sweet relaxing images and then took full advantage of the second (trashable) dress that Andrea brought along. Enjoy!





Behind the camera – an elusive shot of me using a camera!

Then – What’s creepier than a photographer mounting your bed and then pulling out a polariod? Not much…

November 5, 2008

Kim and Nathan are one of our favorite couples to shoot because they are great fun and the camera loves them. This trash the dress session has been on our “to do” list since the summer when we met them for a great afternoon of shooting. Well, three of us had a good time. Aaron was feeling a bit under the weather so Nathan and I jumped in and provided some art direction for Kim.


Like many of our brides (and me – I’ll admit it), Kim is quite familiar with America’s Next Top Model. We used that to direct her and this is a good study in the ANTM lessons.


Even if you’re not the only face in a picture you have to stand out:

Be fierce:

Take help when you need it. Nathan showed Kim how to work her veil ala Miss J:

Smile with your eyes:

Walk the line between ugly and pretty – results are smokin!

Be fierce:

Use your body to make angles:

Be fierce (yes there’s a theme here – they use that term about 30 times per show):

Don’t be afraid to get dirty:

Take risks:

Have fun:

Want your own Top Model shoot? We’re ready and willing! We’ll get you dirty, snowy, wet – whatever floats your boat. Just give us a call for your own ANTM lesson!