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June 18, 2010





May 29, 2009

We’re still trickling in some pics from our boudoir weekend last month, so here’s a few more. We asked a few ladies to do a couple model sessions for samples, strange how most people want these session private huh? Anyway, Ashley jumped on the opportunity to add to her portfolio and not get dragged in to some creepy guy’s basement! You may remember her from our play shoot a couple months ago. As usual she rocked, I hope you enjoy. There’s still a couple more posts from our weekend coming so keep an eye out.



April 24, 2009

A couple weeks ago I just felt like playing with some of our new equipment and trying out an abandoned building by us that I’d been eyeing for a while. It just worked out that Ashley is an aspiring model and wanted a little more portfolio work so off we went. It was a blast and I think she has a bright future in modeling!