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August 5, 2010

As we get ready to get out of town for a much needed vacation we leave you with Ryan & Amber’s engagement session. I’ve been super excited to share these amazing people with you. The incredible group at The Gifted Wedding are helping to give them the wedding of their dreams. This organization that helps give people with unique financial situations an amazing wedding.

Ryan and Amber’s daughter Harper is fighting a pediatric cancer so rare they could have won the lottery twice with better odds. Please take the time to visit The Gifted Wedding’s website and read their story. We’re so honored to be working with these people of such strength.


May 21, 2010

May 6, 2010

Our first ever contest proved to be highly entertaining! Among the entries:

– a mom getting into the wrong car at a gas station (which was the runner up, even though that doesn’t come with a prize)

– a mom mistakenly using car air freshener for body spray

– a mom scolding movers for “stealing” her jewelry only to remember that she pinned it into her bra just to ensure it would not be stolen

We honestly had a hard time deciding which story was worthy of the free session and canvas. Emily’s story hit close to home.  There is a similar story about Aaron’s mom’s attempt at breadmaking that has become somewhat of family lore… though no animals were harmed in the making of the story.

Here’s what’ Emily sent us:

“My name is Emily Pearl and I am 25 years old. My wonderful mother is Agnes. She married my dad in July 1973 and first became a mother in June 1974 (they didn’t waste any time) with my oldest sister, Katie. Then in 1979, Tim, the only boy and therefore our mother’s favorite  ;)  came along. Mary was born in 1981 and I arrived in 1985. 

I’ll start her funny story before then though. Katie must have been around 3 because Tim wasn’t born yet. Mom had made some meatloaf one night. Well the small family didn’t get it all finished, so the next night they ate it for leftovers. It just so happens that Dad got sick! What bad luck. But that darn meatloaf was still around, and my mom, being how she is, just couldn’t throw it out. We don’t waste food! So the next night Mom and Katie ate the meatloaf and then Katie got sick! Mom would not throw that meatloaf out though, so she ate it for a couple more meals. Finally, she was so tired of eating meatloaf; she gave the rest of it to the dog. The next morning the dog was dead! LOL!

 So Mom’s meatloaf has a bit of a reputation. It also proves just how much of an iron stomach she has too!”

Congratulations Emily! We’ll see you and your family soon… but please don’t ask your mom to bring any snacks!

November 25, 2009

Carl and Natalie have been good friends of ours since college. They got married several years ago when Hawes Photography was Aaron Hawes Photography and I would ocassionaly go on a shoot to help. Oh how things have changed! Luckily there are constants. 1. We’re still great friends despite the distance between here and St. Louis. 2. They’re still in love and want us to take their picture. 3. At least three of us can carry on a coversation about fonts (sorry Carl!). So here are our friends – being the bubbly and cool people we have come to love.




Behind the camera – LOL! Aaron looks like … well a dork…  Then he gets his model on … and looks like … yeah….


September 22, 2009

In the super late blogs category… the Ruth family. As always I was super excited when Ron called and asked me to shoot his beautiful family as a birthday gift for his wonderful wife. Truly a blast. Enjoy!


Just in case you forgot… Ron is still one of the best wedding entertainment directors in town… don’t let it happen again :)



December 26, 2008

Kaylin contacted us for some fun family pictures after seeing our booth at a bridal show. (She does event planning for the Spa Tuascano). We were happy to oblige! Her husband, Shayne, their daughter, Ava, and even the dog, Macy, braved a cool day in November to play on the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

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