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August 8, 2012

June 19, 2012


Even we get a vacation every once in a while.  In April we jetted off to wine country to enjoy some vino and take in the sites. We spent a day in San Fransisco and visited Alcatraz, 5 days all over the Napa & Sonoma Valleys and finished with a quick hike through redwoods. The trip was much needed and amazing. As usual for our vacations we shot only film and on quite a variety of film & cameras. Enjoy.


For more about what we did and reviews of the wine check out Heather’s food blog.



Hassablad Xpan | Kodak Portra 160 & 400

Bronica S2 | Kodak Tri-x & Lomo Redscale

Fuji GF670 | Kodak Portra 400

3D Get your glasses! Don’t forget that we’ll send you a pair just for asking.

Polaroid Spectra Si | Expired Polaroid Soft tone

 Polaroid SX-70 Executive | Impossible Project PX70 Color Shade

June 24, 2011

Manuel and Caitlin are two of the most caring people we know. That’s easy to say about people, but they prove it each time we interact with them. Case in point: They are the only couple to ever burn a custom CD for us and bring it to an engagement session. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re wildly passionate about music. Still it displays their underlying care about the people in their lives, whether they are long time friends (Caitlin is a college friend of mine) or new acquaintances (that would be Aaron). They honestly care about people. And when you put them together and toss in a camera you can capture the deep care they have for each other. We had the pleasure of doing that one evening in Kansas City and I can’t wait to go back in October to celebrate and photograph their wedding!








Watch as the illusive Heather stalks her prey ;)



Aaron vs. dead trees in shots. No contest.


March 15, 2011

I take a ton of inspiration from other amazing artists but always seem to come back to Andy Warhol. Ever since seeing some of his cinematic portrait work I’ve been in love and have been biding time to play with the idea. Before making the move to St Louis we tried to get some last hang out time with all of our favorite people. Being that it had been ages that Heather & I had any pictures taken of us we went on a photographer play date with the amazing Ashley & Jeremy Parsons of We are the Parsons Photography.  They are some of our oldest friends and it seemed only appropriate that they would be my first moving portrait subjects. So I hope you enjoy my first attempt. In true fashion this was all shot on vintage super 8 film.


Jeremy & Ashley: Moving Portrait from Aaron Hawes on Vimeo.

November 9, 2010

TJ & Annie’s Wedding

Lomo Lc-a+ | Lomo Slide X-Pro film (cross-processed)

Tim & Alexa

Polaroid SX-70 Sonar | Polaroid SX-70 Edge Cut film

Erik & Ashley

Polaroid SLR 690 | Polaroid 600 Edge Cut Film

Matt & Ashley

Polaroid Alpha 1 Executive | PX-70 FF Film

Drew & Ashley

Lomo Spinner | Fuji Supera film

Bryan & Amanda

Lomo Spinner | Misc film