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October 17, 2014

Did you know that the Botanical Garden is open for free on Wednesday evenings in the summer? If not, then Greg and Maude taught us all something. They have their fingers on the pulse of all the happenings at the garden, where they get to get inspiration for their own yard. It seemed like a natural fit for their engagement session and, truth be told, is one of our favorite spots to shoot in the city (oh the possibilities!)


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August 21, 2014

One of the best things about destination shooting is that we get instant inspiration from the new surroundings. Matt and Tina’s e-session in Chicago was no exception. The huge city offered up a wealth of spots to shoot. I think we covered some of the best: a gorgeous, dark alley; shooting on the street, cuddling on an El platform and quick (and cold) jaunt out to the planetarium for some windy city views.


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July 18, 2014

One of the best things about St Louis is that each neighborhood has a distinct personality. Jason and Nicki asked to shoot in the The Grove, which perfectly lined up with their personal vibe. We had a great time re-discovering some sweet pockets on this cool street.


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July 11, 2014

The worst thing you can do is tell us you want to shoot at the Arch. I’m just going to put it out there. There’s NO WAY our style and the Arch go together. Apparently the second worst thing you can do is give us no guidance at all. Choosing Margaret and Paul’s e-session location was definitely paralysis by analysis. We weren’t quite sure where to go. So, of course, we opted for something a little grungy. Luckily it turned out to  be the perfect spot.


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July 7, 2014

Sometimes people call us cool. It’s flattering, but so not true. You want to see cool? I present Adam and Neile. Adam is one of the most outgoing people I have ever met. Seriously, I think he knows everyone in St Louis. Neile spends her days teaching children. Oh and they’re both incredibly genuine. I’m just glad we’re cool enough that we’re starting to call them friends instead of clients


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June 23, 2014

Tim and Lauren’s engagement session is one of those perfect portfolios because it combines all of the things we love about doing what we do. First and foremost it gave us a chance to get to hang out with two really cool, genuinely in love people on the banks of the Mississippi. Oh yeah. When I told them to meet us “down by the river” they trusted our judgment. It’s proof positive that leaning on our expertise to choose a location will always result in stellar images. I also love that even though Tim was a bit nervous going into the session (which is totally normal) you would never be able to tell by looking at the images.


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