Wow. Where do we start? This totally feels like an awkward “break the ice” exercise where we have to talk for a full 30 seconds. Here goes!

We love a good bottle of red wine and eating at local restaurants. We moved to St. Louis a little over a year ago and spent most of last year shooting weddings and keeping ourselves busy by outfitting our condo (hello urban life!). So we’re still taking suggestions for where to eat in the Lou because we feel like we blinked and a year passed.

When we’re not shooting (which is our favorite thing to do!) we’re most likely visiting an antique mall, poking around old buildings in the city or pursing the closest thing we have to hobbies (running your own business takes massive amount of time!) That would be cooking (and blogging about it at modernmealsfortwo.com) for Heather and restoring (and shooting) Polaroid cameras for Aaron.

We also L O V E to travel so if you’re planning a destination wedding count us in.

So, that’s a little about us. We’d love to hear a little about you so drop us an email or give us a call.

Aaron and Heather