December 9, 2013

There are many awesome things that come along with working as a wedding photographer. Most of the things we love center around the people we work with, both clients and vendors. Julie is one of the people we love to see on any vendor roster. She’s a planner who brings incredible creativity and organization to a day. But, most importantly, she lets us do our thing and is very chill. When her boyfriend, Mike, proposed, we were very excited that she tapped us to head to Jamaica for their big day. Yes, that’s another awesome thing that comes with this industry. Sometimes we travel to exotic locations and sometimes we shoot a wedding on a beach. Mike and Julie’s wedding was one such event. Their friends and family gathered for a casual, all white wedding on the Jamaican shore. We only had a few minutes with Mike and Julie before everyone was whisked away for a sunset catamaran ride, followed by dinner on the pier, and then back to the beach for a bonfire. It was a whirlwind of a day that perfectly captured Mike and Julie’s fun loving nature. The day was so packed with events that we stole them a few days later for a little more picture time. The fun didn’t stop there. We joined forces with a few other favorite vendors (hers and now ours) for their St Louis reception at the Top of the Met.

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