December 31, 2012

During our slow period (ie the dog days of summer) we started overhauling a vintage camping trailer. Catch up on the entire saga here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (in that order).

Apparently I registered my Santa order incorrectly. I distinctly remember wishing for Christmas elves to sneak into the tunnel and finish the trailer. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Maybe next year I’ll drop a letter off at Macy’s…

My sole trailer elf (aka: hard working husband) is still plugging along, though. We’re finally at the stage where progress means things are coming together. The electrical systems are nearly done! After debating the merits of plugging into a campsite vs. going off grid with a battery, Aaron opted to keep our options open and install both systems. That means we got a brand new breaker box (under one of the kitchen benches):



And a new 12V system (under the couch/bed):

Electrical systems are not the most exciting thing, until you consider the fact that they are powering these sweet little nuggets:

The all new lighting came in the form of LED puck lights (6 in the ceiling, 1 under the kitchenette cabinet, and 1 under the cabinet over the table) and LED sconces by the couch bed. Lights = serious progress!

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