October 29, 2012

During our slow period (ie the dog days of summer) we started overhauling a vintage camping trailer. Catch up on the entire saga here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (in that order).

This is getting real, people. The walls, they are white! Ok, not so much in this picture, which is just primer.


Boom! Whiteness! Don’t ask how many coats it took. Aaron is still annoyed. He thinks our first can of “it’s HOW much?!” Valspar paint was messed up. Thankfully, the second gallon brought it all together. Aaron made sure of that by inspecting every wall with an LED work light. Because the worst thing (in the entire world) would be to take this beauty out for the first time and notice that the paint isn’t perfect. (I’m joking, of course.) (No really. I’m serious.)

As much as I love the white box, the floors have truly stolen my heart. This floor came to be thanks to Ikea not having the butcher block counter top we loved in stock. We were smitten with the Numerar in birch. It was the perfect touch of light wood to sit in our white box above the brown cork floors we already knew would be ours. Decision made we approached the Ikea rep to order, only to find out that they were out of stock in all but the longest size (much to long and expensive for our needs). Not only that, but the beech color was out as well.

Back to the display we went to stare at the oak and decide if it would work. It just felt so… brown. Brown on brown on blah. Then Aaron remembered that he saw a site that sold colored cork, specifically gray cork. More staring, more thinking, but finally we felt comfortable and ordered the oak.

I’ll spoil the surprise and tell you that the floors below are not cork. That bubble was burst when we received the samples and realized how soft it was (not ideal for camping or any long term use) and when Aaron recalculated the cost of what we would need. Because we were back at the drawing board, Aaron decided to scope out the options at the big box stores. We landed on a “This will do” option, but when we went back to place the order found this:

TrafficMaster Allure Commercial Plank, Modern Oak in Broadway. I have never loved a resilient vinyl tile more. Oh so pretty! Oh so gray! It’s perfect. I’m pretty sure Aaron hasn’t let me visit the trailer since the install because he knows we’ll lose 30 minutes of work time to me caressing the new floors. I don’t care. I love these floors and I don’t care who knows (or how much time I spend caressing them).


  • Meaghan says:

    It’s beautiful!

  • Kristen says:

    I found your website when searching for images of this floor. It looks beautiful with the white walls! Now that it has been installed for awhile, are you still happy with it? And what clor white paint did you use on the walls? Beautiful!

  • Aaron says:

    Thanks! Glad you like it. The trailer isn’t quite finished yet as I took on some other projects but the floor seems good. It’s held up to the weather well. The paint is just an untinted white.


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