October 23, 2012

During our slow period (ie the dog days of summer) we started overhauling a vintage camping trailer. Catch up on the entire saga here, here, here, here, here, here and here (in that order).

It’s hard to explain how much we love light. Obviously it’s crucial to our business, but it also makes us happy. The new studio lets in a ton of light. The massive windows in our condo was a huge selling… err renting point. My 9-to-5 cube sits right by a massive bank of windows, which is good because without a lot of natural light I get stabby (I’m kidding… sort of).

So is anyone surprised that the trailers we were drawn to had a lot of windows? No. No one is suprised.

We ended up with 11 windows. 11 awesome, (semi)working, dirty, old windows.









And here in the land of “Thou shalt not complete a project unless everything is perfect,” the windows clearly needed some help. Here’s the regimen:

– Disassemble
– Clean all of the glass and metal
– Sand the metal to give it a brushed aluminum look
– Reglaze the glass seals
– Replace the rubber seals
– Reassemble
x11 windows







So far we have two done. TWO.

We’re off this weekend, so who wants to come over and wash some windows with us?

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