September 24, 2012

Fun fact about Aaron: He can’t take naps. Ok, so that’s not really a “fun” fact, but it’s pertinent. Technically he can take naps, but he doesn’t because he can’t really wake up post nap.

So when I came home to him passed out on the couch, I knew this particular trailer project was much tougher than these few pictures suggest.

In the quest to make this trailer as water tight and long lasting as possible, Aaron decided to address the undercarriage. It wasn’t in bad shape, but a little sanding, priming and painting would offer a little extra protection. First he sanded the undercarriage to remove as much surface rust as possible. Then all the metal got a coat of Rust-oleum Auto Primer, followed by Rust-oleum Semi-Gloss Protective Enamel.

Sounds easy enough, right? If you take on this type of mini project, just make sure your schedule allows for a nice nap afterwards.



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