September 14, 2012

I had a lot of possible names for this post. Most were too long and some were not PG:

The vintage trailer – That escalated quickly
The vintage trailer – How our small project ballooned to a ginormous project
The vintage trailer – Holy $hit! Are you kidding me with all the wood rot?

I’m not going to lie uncovering the problems with this old trailer is starting to wear on me. Just last week, I referred to it as “The Money Pit” so many times that Aaron suggested that we may have found a name for it. Of course, we can’t name it that (and honestly I’m not fully on board with whether we NEED to name it, which is a popular required custom in the vintage trailer world.)

I think this week we finally turned a corner with the project. it feels like we’re taking serious steps towards a working, refinished trailer. But in blog land, we’re back in the dark days of demo.

Let me refresh your memory. The goal was to buy a trailer in decently good condition and focus on refurbing the inside to make it a sweet, updated modern haven for traveling the US. We were OK with minor exterior work. (If you haven’t been playing along at home, read this and this to get fully up to speed.)

The more Aaron pulled out, the more evident it became that this trailer needed serious structural work, as in “How did this stay together going down the road?” serious. For that the metal skin would have to come off.

So, for your viewing pleasure: The vintage trailer – We like open concept, but this is going a little too far.




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