September 5, 2012

(If you’re looking for awesome images, feel free to browse some recent weddings. We will continue to post new sessions and weddings, but we’re on a mission to get you up to speed on this project… because the trailer looks nothing like it did in our first post.)

The entire process of buying a vintage trailer took what seemed like a million steps. Finding the right one at the right price within driving distance was no small feat. Having put those steps behind us, we were eager to dive into the next million steps that would end with a renovated trailer.

Step 1: Secure garage or semi-enclosed workspace.



Step 2: Start pulling out the pieces and make a giant list of mini projects that will get us on the road with this baby.

The propane tank is an easy swap and the lines will need checked and possibly rerun.

All of the windows are coming out so they can be refurbished and resealed. Apparently the screens are just stapled onto the paneling.

The bed/couch in the front is coming out, but we can probably save most of the pieces.

We knew there was some rot in the back so none of this scared us.

The mini bunk over the front bed will get changed to a smaller shelf to hold luggage.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a very rusty stove. No reason to salvage it.

Ready for more rot? We knew the back needed some work.

We missed the hints of rot in the front. (You can tell we’re facing front be the hail damage on the metal skin.) Eeee… that’s not good…. But we accounted for about 20% more work than we originally thought. So we’re still in good shape.


Step 2: Demo… we’ll call it half-ish done.

  • […] I’ve got the trailer on the brain. I wanted to post yesterday but couldn’t think of anything even half witty to tell you. Today = the same. We spent the long weekend working on the trailer and then shopping for things we need for the trailer. Fulfilling? Yes. Great conversation. Eh. We’re still charting our progress on the Hawes Photography blog so hop over there to check out the first round of demo.  […]



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