September 27, 2012

During our slow period (ie the dog days of summer) we started overhauling a vintage camping trailer. Catch up on the entire saga here, here, here, here and here (in that order).

I bet you thought were were done with demo? Yeah, us too.

But we have a vision for this trailer and we’re not going to let an immovable counter top stand in the way of our dreams. So we did what any rationale sane trailer perfectionists would do, we took out the entire base kitchenette cabinet. Don’t worry, Aaron will just build a new one. Actually, what we were worried about is what we’d find behind the cabinet… more water damage??

Nope! All clear! Whew!

A little Dremel action to square off the remaining paneling and we were good to go.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Aaron ran electrical for our interior lights (sweet LED pucks), exterior marker lights and outlets. He’s converting everything except the outlets to 12 volt so that the trailer can be off grid if we want.

It’s getting there… slowly but surely.

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