May 9, 2012

I’ve tried to write this post at least a dozen times and stopped in frustration. Cheri is one of my best friends and we were honored to be on the small guest list for (and then hired to photograph) her Jamaica wedding. We looked forward to visiting a new-to-us Caribbean island and shooting with Steve and Cheri.

The wedding day nearly went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect, everything ran on schedule, I managed not to cry as she walked down the aisle. The reception was similarly easy and fun (and we even got in on the dancing). Sadly the party came to a screeching halt when we discovered that while everyone was at the lower villa for the reception, the upper villa was being robbed.

I always say one thing goes wrong at every wedding. Unfortunately for my friends, their one thing was not a little rain or a leaning cake. I hope the pictures are a reminder for them that it was truly “one thing” and that the most important thing was celebrated throughout the rest of the day.



  • Derren says:

    This is amazing you guys! Seriously, one of my favorites of yours. Truly sensitive and beautiful work from start to finish. As soon as I’m done typing this I’m going to look at it all over again.

  • Cheri says:

    A & H –

    You know whatever you put at the beginning, wouldn’t have mattered. :-) We’re truly grateful for the memories you’ve captured on film! But really, you know that already! ;-)

    All our love,
    C & S


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