January 6, 2012

(If I could include some sort of cheesy build up music before this text I would, because saying “3D is now on the blog” seems underwhelming without it. So make your own soundtrack of excitement and get ready to be blown away.)

Until now we’ve only been able to share our 3D work in person. Through the magic of Photoshop and Aaron, we’re bringing 3D images right to your home through this blog. There’s only one problem. You need the funky red/blue glasses to really appreciate the pictures. If you have a pair laying around, pop them on and tell anyone close by to look out because your head may actually explode from the sheer visual awesome that’s about to invade. If you don’t have a pair, hop over to our web site, fill out our contact form and tell us that you desperately need a pair of glasses. We’ll send them your way as long as you promise to share with others who will also appreciate the work.


  • Derren says:

    I just got my 3-D glasses (thank you!) and took another look. . . seriously guys, I’m looking at the wave of the future. So awesome!! I’m so sold on your 3D images.


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