March 15, 2011

I take a ton of inspiration from other amazing artists but always seem to come back to Andy Warhol. Ever since seeing some of his cinematic portrait work I’ve been in love and have been biding time to play with the idea. Before making the move to St Louis we tried to get some last hang out time with all of our favorite people. Being that it had been ages that Heather & I had any pictures taken of us we went on a photographer play date with the amazing Ashley & Jeremy Parsons of We are the Parsons Photography.  They are some of our oldest friends and it seemed only appropriate that they would be my first moving portrait subjects. So I hope you enjoy my first attempt. In true fashion this was all shot on vintage super 8 film.


Jeremy & Ashley: Moving Portrait from Aaron Hawes on Vimeo.

  • graham says:

    i loved this. you captured them so well… especially Ash’s huge smile a minute in. she was just glowing.

    absolutely beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.


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