March 24, 2010

We had the fantastic opportunity to travel with Jason and Andrea to the Azul Sensatori Resort in Mexico for their February wedding. Our usual love of shooting some place new went into hyperdrive – fueled by the fantastic weather, gorgeous views and a couple who is as welcoming and open as they are photogenic.  



 Behind the camera – Aaron channels his inner model… 


While getting ready to shoot on the pier (see Aaron modeling above), I noticed a guy who looked JUST like Jim Gaffigan and pointed it out to Aaron, who informed me that is WAS Jim Gaffigan. Realizing he was with his family and being the respectful fans that we are we didn’t bum rush him or yell something like “Hot Pocket”, but we did train our camera on him. Not great results… and of course, every other time we saw him (which was  A LOT) we couldn’t discreetely get a shot. Still we stayed at the same resort as Jim Gaffigan. That counts for something right?



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