July 3, 2009

Someday we’ll add a “published by” on the blog so you know who’s talking. For purposes of this blog I thought it may make sense to point out that this is Heather. We’re back in a full season of weddings so I get to take over the blog!


When we had a last minute cancellation on our boudoir weekend, our friend Kelly offered to be a fill in  model. So the for the last session of the weekend we eeked out enough energy to shoot, but mostly we just talked with her and her husband, Jason.


There are many reasons I love being friends with Kelly – three are evident in this session. 1. She has the an amazing smile and she’s quick to laugh. 2. She is a planner. The outfits we chose were only half of what she brought because she wanted us to have options. 3. She throws herself into any project. She actually brought a baseball glove to complete the Cardinals “look”.


Kel – Thanks for being a fill in! I hope you really enjoy the pictures. Maybe after your fitness competition we can shoot some edgier ones to show off what I’m sure will be a ridiculously cut body! – Heather

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