April 29, 2009

Last week I was asked to take a few pics at the awesome Redline charity fasion show for the KC Aids Walk. It was seriously a blast and featured some of the best young designers in the area.


The designers:

Janay-A| Handmade Wearables

Cali Roberta| Underwear

Scarlett Garnet| Jewelry

Bandwagon Merch| T-Shirts

Donna’s Dress Shop| Vintage

Birdies| Underwear

Spool Boutique| Casual

Sikenomatics Clothing| T-shirts

Jessica Blythe| Baby wear

Off The Rack| Aprons




Before the show the super cool ladies of Scarlett Garnett asked me to snap a few pics of their one of a kind jewery before it got auctioned off.

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