September 1, 2008

In an effort to keep our blog more up to date we’re moving blog duties to Heather. So stay posted because I’m determined to get us caught up in the next few weeks. We’ve got lots of great things to put up here! First up — Kyle and Laura’s late June wedding (yeah we’re behind).


When Kyle and Laura set out to plan their wedding they decided they wanted THE best — best location, best entertainment, best food, best photographer. They looked high and low, not just searching Kansas City but reviewing the work of many national photographers.  We feel incredibly fortunate that they chose us. This was a wedding we looked forward to all winter. We just knew it would be awesome and the only disappointment from the day is that we couldn’t shoot MORE with them.


We knew from their engagement session that Kyle and Laura are 1) Incredibly in love 2) Lots of fun 3) Incredibly expressive. Their wedding confirmed all of those facts. Take a peak! 



A few getting ready pics. An unsafe place to store wedding rings and some of the wedding party keeping cool — ice cream for the boys and a few air conditioning vents for the flower girls.

A few anxious tears and dad was there to wipe them away.

We shot with the wedding party separately before the wedding and then stole Kyle and Laura before the reception for some yummy images …

Laura is a dancer and we had to let her do her thing on the patio at The National. She is incredibly graceful and completely in her element.

The National at night — stunning!

The food, like everything else, had to be top notch. Apparently the bacon-wrapped shrimp were to die for. The waiter carrying them was well loved by the wedding party. Kyle gave his last shrimp to Aaron  — a very generous gesture for sure!

Usually we love the pictures we get when the bride and groom feed the cake to each other — but this is priceless. Don’t worry Kyle it’s really just cake!

Continuing the “best” theme — Kyle and Laura chose Ron Ruth, wedding entertainer extraordinaire! He works with his couples before the wedding to record their love story and then shares it at the reception. We got a peak into Kyle and Laura’s first meeting, complete with drinking games and lots of friends.


Laura is a HUGE Disney fan so we also heard about Kyle’s proposal at the theme park. Then the couple was presented with a Disney keepsake straight from Mickey and Minnie.

The storytelling continued into the dances making them incredibly emotional and memorable.

Then the party kicked into high gear complete with bouquet and garter tosses. I don’t actually remember Laura yelling … but it sure looks like it here!

Ron throws the absolute best party we’ve ever been to. We literally did not want to leave. Sadly 6 hours of shooting made us quite tired … here’s how we left them.

Kyle and Laura,

Thank you so much for choosing us to be part of your day. We are so flattered that of all the photographers you investigated we rose to top of the pack. Your family and friends we’re just want we expected — warm and fun-loving — just like you. Congratulations and we’ll be in touch!

Aaron and Heather


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