June 12, 2008

For the last three days I was lucky enough to get to fly out to San Diego and experience the super amazing Nate & Jacklyn Kasier of The Image is Found and their infamous Shootshops. All I can say is wow! These guys are awesome and really know what they’re doing.


Basically we got to hook up with 14 other great photographers from all around the country and spend a day at Nate & Jacklyn’s own studio. As I’m sure you know wedding photography tends to get a little repetitive and stuffy for a lot of people. These guys just know how to shake it up! For them it’s all about doing what they love and making honest, fun images of great couples (sound familiar… I hope so). They simply show everyone the way it’s done.


It was a fabulous experience and I can’t wait to start applying some of what I learned to what we already do. Watch out cause things-are-a-changin around HPD and we’re out to keep blowin you away.


Michael from Michael Andrew Photography was blazing away with pictures the whole time and made this slideshow of the whole experience. Be sure to check it out and see how much fun we had. I’m in there sometimes but you know me… I hide from the camera.

Shootshop Slideshow 


  • so radical (nate’s word) meeting you!!! super sweet work aaron. keep rockin’ and i look forward to watching you and your wife’s photography evolve! keep in touch and keep kickin’ butt. thank you for all of the great advice! cindy

  • Craig says:

    Aaron, It was great getting to meet you. Thanks for being willing to help out another photographer. I’ll be e-mailing you soon. I look forward to seeing the ‘changes’ you’re hinting at. I’ll be look’n (thats a southern word for ‘looking in’) on ya’ll.


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